Are you a trader who’s always wanted to learn how to make CONSISTENT WINNING TRADES by analyzing the price action charts like the professionals . . .

But you’ve been told it’s ” Difficult “?

What makes a professional – ‘professional’?

Its continuity of learning the market behavior after so many trials and errors, full dedication …..
But most importantly Proper Trading Education!

You can be a successful professional investment trader, if you can learn how to make consistent winning trades by analyzing the price action charts in the right manner by reading the market sentiment like the professionals!

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Proper Trading Education Can Boost Up Your Speed And Guide You The Right Way!

Hello There

My name is Syed Rahman

I am a Forex and Stock Market trading instructor for over 6 consecutive years.

I am an active author, adviser, educator on capital investment. I wrote various books and articles, made educational videos and trading courses on price action based technical analysis.

I trained many peoples to trade the market successfully by analyzing the price action charts in the right way. As a speaker, I attended multiple seminars for various organizations.

I helped many traders to learn how to exactly read and identify the traders/market sentiment in the price action charts and make appropriate trading decisions to make consistent profit from the market.

One needs only two things to be successful in Forex and Stock market trading as a technical trader. And that is -




Why you need to master the candles? : Every single candlestick pattern represents trader’s action or trader’s sentiment for a specific time-frame in a price action chart. So there is no other alternatives to master the charts without having the knowledge of reading the traders sentiment through the candlestick patterns.

Why you need to have a Powerful Trading Strategy ? : After you have the knowledge of reading the market sentiment using the candlestick patterns you will need to have a complete trading strategy that will allow you to be disciplined about some trading rules that will tell you when and where to trigger trade entry, where to exit, where to place the stop loss in order if your trade goes against you, and where to target for most probable profit level for that trade. A trading strategy is a bunch of rules and methods that prohibits you from making a wrong trade entry and and hence get most out of a potential trade setup in a market.

The Mastery Courses

I present you two of my trading mastery courses

Master the Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns

“Master the Strongest Reversal Candlestick Patterns” is a must take course for the traders – who wants to improve their skills for better readability and understanding of market sentiment with the world’s most traded and strongest reversal candlestick patterns to successfully trade the Forex and Stocks.

Master the Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

“Advanced Swing Trading Strategy – Forex & Stock Trading” is a must take course for you, – If you want to increase the potentiality of maximizing the number of winning trades, and minimize the number of losing trades in FOREX and Stock market trading – with the world’s most popular and powerful price action based trading strategy.    

What Traders Say

How real traders said about these Mastery Trading Courses.

“Brilliant course taught by an experienced professional trader. This course helped me to understand how to trade candle stick the right way in order to be a profitable trader. Also very helpful and answers question almost immediately”  – Dave 

“Great course. Clearly explained reliable strategy. Suitable even for beginners. I liked the use of price action trading without over usage of indicators.”    Marc Espley 

“This course covers a lot of specific information on swing trading and provides great strategies! It answered a lot of questions I had by providing real stock examples.”   – Keshwan Wade

“Very good course. Learned a great deal and made money using his method! ”     – Patricia Jakubiec

” Investment in education pays the best return as interest! “

Course Enrollment

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